This is how you finish a triangle choke…

Current UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis has a wicked triangle choke. Here’s one of his fights from the WEC. His submission transitions against a very aggressive, strong opponent are impressive. Notice how he turns to get the angle and locks under the leg as well to trap Mike Campbell even more as he finishes this choke. Picture perfect!

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Surfing here next week…

Playa Hermosa is about 2 miles from where I am in Playa Jaco. The waves are on a higher level for sure. Here’s a cool video with some great footage. I also love the song!

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Incredible African Surfing Video…

Hey guys I had to share this. Whether you are a surfer or not, you will surely appreciate the tube rides in this video. These waves really seem to go on forever. Really great video, check it out!

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Alex Honnold, epic inspiration…

Thanks to my buddy Won for introducing me to this amazing guy. He could easily be the best rock-climber to ever live. His free-solo ascents are mind-blowing. His focus is incredible. What’s also really cool is how nonchalant and easygoing he is about it. Anyway, this video has some great footage, check it out!

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I love both of these people, Lindsey and John…

This video is really a dream come true because it has two of the most powerful musicians I’ve ever heard. I love the lyrics in this song. The emotion, skill, and passion John Legend and Lindsey Stirling bring is amazing, this video is awesome with the New York skyline in the back ground! Powerful:

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Thanks for the support!

It’s clear to me how much support I’ve had in my life. I appreciate it so much. It’s really staggering to think about. Think about the amazing teachers you’ve had. Think about the people who have helped you financially. The people that may have just given you some friendly words or encouragement.

For me personally, I think about my mom and dad supporting me all these years through baseball, basketball, track, cross country, wrestling, and my MMA career so far. I think about when they’ve helped me financially when I’ve struggled. I think of course how they’ve put food on the table and given me a comfortable home to sleep in as I grew into a man. I think of the things I’ve learned from them.

I think about the awesome managers and co-workers I’ve had at the restaurants I’ve worked at. I think of the incredible clients I’ve had the pleasure of training. I think of the awesome bosses I’ve had. I’m also thankful for the people that have been hard to deal with, who even made me angry at times. I’m glad I’ve had the contrast of bad relationships to appreciate the really great ones.

I’m also quite thankful for the amazing musical artists who have enhanced my life so much. It’s crazy thinking about all the music that has made life more meaningful, more fun, and more passionate. I think about the amazing actors that have entertained me so much in movies, on stage, and in TV shows.

I’m thankful for the fact that I love to read and for the hundreds of books I’ve read that have taught me so much, stimulated my mind, and inspired me. I’m thankful for all the amazing website developers who have created websites like wordpress, facebook, google, and so many others. It’s amazing how much value a single person can offer the world with brilliant ideas and creations.

I’m thankful for you reading this. What are you thankful for? I would love for this to start a chain reaction of gratitude and positivity. Think about who and what has contributed to your well-being and happiness, the list goes on forever!

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New Day, Fresh new start…

How many times do we unconsciously, un-deliberately get started off on the wrong foot? Why does this happen? It’s probably because we wake up and remember all the previous reasons to feel stressed or angry or agitated or unhappy. It’s probably because we aren’t that deliberate about how we feel.

In my experience, I’ve found that when I first wake up in the morning, I’m basically setting the tone for the day and what kind of day I will have.

I’ve found it to be a great process to lie in bed for a few minutes and to find some reasons to feel good. The interior dialogue might go kind of like this, “Well, I’m awake. I appreciate the rest I just had and this bed is very comfortable. This is a brand new day I haven’t lived yet. There is great potential for this day. It’s my intention to feel as good as possible today and to be the best me I can be. As I move through this day, I want to feel confident, clear-minded, and happy.”

I think it’s really effective to think about how every day and every moment is fresh and new. You can continue to think and feel the way you have been in the past, but that’s a choice. You could also choose to think new thoughts and to feel a new way. If you’ve just had a stressful day, go to sleep and press the “reset button” and then when you wake up, start new. If you find yourself getting into a former negative pattern, stop and remind yourself, “I’m starting fresh, I can choose a new path and I am..”

Everybody wants to feel good, there’s really nothing I want more. Why do we want anything we want? Money, food, great relationships, a house, a career, an experience, it’s all because we believe we will feel better when we get it.

I just wanted to share this process because it has benefited me and continues to every day, a fresh new start! Wishing you all well-being and love because you deserve it!


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Over 8 years since my pro debut…

I haven’t watched this video in a while but it’s crazy to think I made my pro MMA debut in Columbus over 8 years ago. I’ve made a lot of improvements since then, the biggest thing is that I learned how to relax. Here is my first fight followed by my second MMA fight in Albuquerque, NM. I plan to return to competition in the next year, a fresh new start. I will bring a new level of focus, intensity, and skill. Basically, I will be a vastly improved, patient, experienced fighter on a mission to gain entry into the UFC which will be a fulfillment of a dream I’ve had for over half of my life!

MMA Debut

Second MMA Fight

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UFC fans! 6 days away from “epicity”

Epicity! It’s a word I created which means “that which is truly epic.” We have Nick Diaz returning from a 2 year hiatus to face Anderson Silva who is returning from his horrible injury and second straight loss to current champion Chris Weidman. It’s going to be a very high level of epicity! Saturday, January 31st is going to be amazing. Man, the UFC should pay me for this promotion! Here’s a preview of what we can expect!

Oh yeah, not to mention the incredible welterweight showdown between Tyrone Woodley and Kelvin Gastellum. This UFC has the making to be one of the best. They do such a great job putting together these awesome match ups!

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Oprah and Jim know it and share it here…

The power of visualization and thinking about what you want, then moving toward it until you achieve it…

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